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Strategic partnership

About Gloria Steel Limited
        Gloria Steel builds firm strategic partnership with Wuyang Iron and Steel,TISCO from the beginning of start. It makes first-hand feedback from the international market fresh demand for steel grades to the Iron and Steel Research Institutes, and with their strong support and efforts ,we promise that we could study and develop new grades of steel from your submit of production technology program analysis, testing methods to open rolling,so the initial production of the new grade could be completely come out not less than 2 weeks and completely finished in 2 months on average.It is our impulsion to push our High Value-Added Hot Rolled Steel Products to the global market.

Wuyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (Wuyang Steel)
          Wuyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (Wuyang Steel) is one of the leading manufacturers of quality heavy steel plates in the world with capacity of crude steels 1,200,000 tons, steel plates 1,000,000 tons annually.
In August 2005, Wuyang Steel launched investment RMB 3.5 billion for new project of 1 million tons heavy steel plates, including one set of 100 t UHP arc furnace, two sets of 100 t LF furnace, one set of VD furnace, one set of 2500 mm slab continuous casting machine, one set of 4100 mm high pressure rolling mill, adopts most advanced design and technical process to upgrade product mix of steel plates for high rise building, bridge, shipbuilding, pipeline, boiler, pressure vessel, die, machine, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, high-strength, high-tech and value added products.


TISCO has been devoted to R & D, production and processing of stainless steel. The company has powerful enormous R & D force and reliable quality assurance system. Among 575 State determines national enterprise technical centers, TISCO Technology Center ranks the second. Now, TISCO has formed an energy-efficient longevity products cluster mainly in stainless steel have entered into key fields and new industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, container, railway, automobile, urban light rail transit, large power stations and etc. TISCO ranks the domestic first in market shares of railway industry steel, duplex steel, heat-resistant steel, mint steel, axle shaft steel, pure iron, 9% Ni steel, etc.